Who We Are

Jessica Anderson, The Mind Behind of WZT Comic.

WZT Comic is a new place on the internet for all of the comic lovers out there. We’ll talk about all things related to the lifestyle we life and love. We’re not trying to compete with the big names out there, so if you’re looking for news about the latest comics, adaptations, and otherwise you already know where to get it – there’s no sense in naming names here!

What you will find here at WZT comic is practical and actionable articles related to just about anything that we do in our daily lives. Whether that be tips on where to relax, new restaurants and easy snacks to try, recommendations on furniture or upgrades for your gaming room, you name it. This is a lifestyle-oriented website and our aim is to appeal to our core readers – those who love comics.

You see, this comes from a deep-rooted love for comics that I have myself. But that’s really not the only thing that defines me! For years I felt that it was, because people would so often categorize me based on the fact that I like to read comics all day long. As we all know, there’s more to us than that. Let’s show them who we are, show them what we’ve got, and make our impression on this world! We are the comic lovers, and we’re hear to read interesting and funny $H!T!!!