How To Keep Your Art Studio Warm While Drawing

Are you keen on getting the right answer to the question of how to keep your art studio warm while drawing? If the answer is yes, you may have reasons to find the following few lines interesting and informative. As any professional artist and he will certainly agree that lighting up the art studio could be quite challenging and often frustrating. It does take quite a bit of time, effort, and for many, it means burning quite a bit of midnight oil. While brightness, illumination, and other such attributes are important, as a drawing artist, you also should pay attention to the warmth of the studio, especially during winter months.

Let us try and talk briefly about a few points that will give us some knowledge about the various aspects of studio lighting. As a studio artist, you must be aware of the fact that the natural and artificial light that filters through to your studio is vital. This is because it determines the various colors that you see in your painting. It will also impact the color decision that you may have to make.


You must start off with the lighting arrangements that you already in place in your studio. You must not rush and spend big money on an expensive home lighting or studio lighting system. A few adjustments here and there may do the job and therefore it may not be necessary for you to spend money on a redundant studio lighting system.


The angle of the light should be perfect and should be in relation to the subject. The subject could be a small painting or a larger one. In an ideal situation please make sure that the main lighting source should be exactly 45 degrees behind you. This will ensure that the right amount of light with the right heat falls on the subject. If the lighting is facing you, you will spoil the shot because the light will fall on your lens and this will lead to overexposure.

Ensure that the spread of the light is even. This will avoid half-lit areas of the subject and the background. If you are clicking a painting, ensure that there is enough light on the painting and make sure that there is no glare or bouncing back of the light. While proper heating of the painting is important, please make sure that the light source is kept at a reasonable distance.


You must bear in mind that not light is the same. Different sources of lighting have different temperatures. You must also be aware that your painting colors may look different depending on the warmth of your light, whether it is natural sunlight or artificial studio light. You must make use of the Kelvin scale for measuring color temperature. For example, a cool temperature is suitable for a clear blue sky. On the other hand, the neutral temperature is suited for the midday sun. According to experts orange is equivalent to very warm artificial light while cool blue is equated with blue color.


You must understand the impact of temperature on your drawing is quite profound and therefore you must ensure that your studio remains warm to the desired extent.


How Lovers of Comics Can Build Some Much-Needed Muscle

There is no doubt comic lovers would just sit on the couch the entire day. Unfortunately, the hobby is prone to getting people fat. Besides, nothing good can come out of sitting the entire day. It would be better to hit the gym but comic lovers have a hard time doing that due to how much they love comics. Believe it or not, comic book lovers can still build muscle even as they read comics. One way would be to read comics while doing some squats. It is one exercise you can do while doing other stuff. Before you know it, you have already done a lot while reading a lot of comics too. You may have even already finished at an entire story and you built a lot of leg muscles. This exercise is highly recommended by so many trainers due to how it targets so many muscles in your body. It is also not that hard to do since you just have to sit down without a chair. The more you do, the harder it gets. Thus, you will need to get distracted so you won’t notice the number of squats you have already done and one way of doing that is to read comics.

One way to build muscle while reading comics is to do it while lifting weights. When you have weights at home, you can hit two birds in one stone as you do a bicep and even tricep curl while reading your comics. Of course, you should always keep safety in mind so you should be calm when trying to put down the weights. The last thing you would want to happen is to hurt yourself while in the middle of a workout and reading session. There is no doubt you will build up your biceps and triceps while doing that. There are some gym exercises you can’t really do while lifting weights like the bench press and the overhead curl. When you know some gym exercises you can do while reading comics, you can do those things and you can look forward to being a gym nerd. Yes, ladies love guys who are nerds and have a great body. Supplements might also help you with that.

One unpopular way for comic book lovers to build muscle is to do pushups while reading comics. It is one of the most popular exercise methods and everyone can do it instantly. Of course, doing it is a completely different story as you never know when you are going to give up. When you are in the middle of an interesting story, you would not want to let go of it. The good news is you won’t have to do it while working out as you build muscle while learning something new. Yes, there are some comics that make you learn life lessons in the most unexpected ways. You will even see some characters that you would want to dress up as in the next Halloween. Of course, getting the materials for the costume would be hard.


How To Put Down The Comic Books And Get In Shape

People like to read comics because they are drawn to these superhuman characters with perfect bodies and extraordinary strength. But instead of wasting your time reading comic books, why don’t you start a workout routine so you can one day be like the superheroes you admire or at least have a body like theirs? Hoe to put down the comic books and get in shape? The following tips will be useful for beginners. They can be helpful for many athletes too.

Consult your doctor

Before you start any exercise routine, it’s a good idea to consult our doctor first. Get a physical examination to make sure that the routine that you’re going to follow will not be detrimental to your health. This is particularly crucial for those who are just new to working out or haven’t worked out for a long time. A physical exam will tell you if you have existing conditions that may worsen if you do strenuous physical activities. Once you know the state of your health, you can then search for a workout that is more appropriate for you. If you have a trainer, then you can simply tell him or her about the doctor’s findings.

Set a goal

If you want to achieve something, then you need to have a goal. The same is true when it comes to working out. Put your goals into the paper. Your goals need to be realistic. If you write down something like be like Superman in a year, then do you honestly believe you can achieve it? A more realistic goal would be to lose five pounds in one month. Once you have set a realistic goal, you need to determine the steps to achieve that goal. Because without a plan, your goal will remain a wish. You can also break down bigger goals into smaller goals.

Make it a habit

For a workout routine to stick, you need to turn it into a habit. According to experts, an activity becomes a habit if you do it for 21 days straight. When something becomes a habit, the less willpower you need to do it. You need to make working out a part of your lifestyle. It’s also useful if you will work out at the same time every day. This will help to turn it into a lifelong habit. In the first few days, you may need to really force yourself to exercise. But once it becomes a habit, it will become second nature to you.

Types of exercise

If you’re not an athlete, then you better stick to simple and natural movements. You also don’t need fancy equipment to start and exercise routine. You can become fit and healthy wit bodyweight exercise. Aim for exercises that use multiple joints to make your workout more efficient.

So how to put down the comic books and get in shape? You need to commit. Resist the urge to do nothing and start moving. This is the first step in becoming a real-life superhero.