We All Need Exercise – Even Our Dogs

We All Need Exercise – Even Our Dogs

How many of us have pets? I’m willing to bet it’s a large portion of us. What about dogs specifically? Sure, it’s probably less but I’m quite certain a ton of readers are going to be dog lovers just like me. With all the time we spend with our noses stuffed in comics, watching GOT and playing Xbox, how much time to we really devote to making sure our furry four-legged friends make it outside? Heck, we don’t even make sure that we get outside. Even if we’re making an effort to walk our dogs frequently, let’s face it. They could probably use more exercise just like we could.

I’ll be honest, there have been countless times where I’ve been deeply zoned in on a Mickey Maus, or completely mid-game online playing COD when my dog has wanted to go for a walk. Sometimes I’m good, but sometimes the poor dog just has to wait until I’m ready. I’m not talking long wait times, but she certainly has cried more than a few times before I finally cave in and divert my attention. You don’t have to admit it yourself, but I’m going to go ahead and assume that I’m not the only human being who has been in this situation before.

My boyfriend loves to read up on products online. He goes above and beyond to find the absolute best products for every situation at the best price. It’s one of his hobbies I’d say, even if he doesn’t quite think of it that way. He’s like the Amazon guru. I was in one of these moods the other day, deep in my reading and my poor dog was crying away. Suddenly my boyfriend asked “Can I just walk her?”

“No.” I replied as I always do. She’s my dog and I don’t want her getting too comfortable with anyone else. I want her to think of me as her owner and protector.

“Well, can I just let her outside?” My boyfriend asked.

“Of course not, she’ll run away and get hit by a car.” I replied with a little bit of snip and arrogance in my tone. “I’ll take her out in just a minute.”

“I just feel bad for her.” My boyfriend pleaded.

“Shut up.” I said. But I knew he was right. I put the comic down begrudgingly, got up and took her outside for a walk.

When we got back my boyfriend was showing me some ways that we can get her more exercise while balancing my nerdy habits. He suggested a wireless dog fence, which he had as always found an excellent model at a great price on Amazon. Completely affordable with thousands of excellent customer reviews.

“Will it really work?” I asked.

“Of course it will, just take a look.” He said. I read through the site he showed me, which explained in detail how these systems work. I was skeptical as I always am, but I figured what the hell. For the price I might as well give this thing a try, especially if it makes me feel less guilty for making my dog wait when she wants to go outside.

My boyfriend helped me set it up. I hate to admit it, but he is really helpful. I suppose that’s why I love him. It’s definitely taken a little training, but so far my dog seems to have taken to it well. Plus, if she ever gets a stench from working up a stench, we can always spruce her up with some Eau de Chien. The next step will be to install a doggy door so I won’t even have to get up to let her out. But that’s for another time 🙂


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