Top Ways for Creative People to Relax

Nowadays, people are stressing about the importance of mental health. It is indeed important because it does affect our physical lives. We live in a world and time where everything seems instant and rushed. People seem always on the go. Whether with traffic or public transportation or the lines for fast food, it is definitely seen. It is obvious with the corporate people, but this is not only in accord with them. It is also true for people that are on the “quiet” side of work.

Examples are writers who have deadlines. There are also artists, whether they be photography, sculptors, painters, etc., who constantly need inspiration and at times also deadlines. Teachers needing to prepare for lessons. Small business owners maintaining their business. To sum it all up, no matter what people are doing for a living, they tend to get busy and exhausted. And not just physically, but also mentally and at times emotionally.

The worst part of it? It tends to go beyond work hours or more. How does that happen? Well, overthinking, stressing, and worrying are some of the reasons. Even if one is not working or on a break, the mind is still running. It may seem like taking a rest, but it is not. In short, they are not really relaxing. Not that one is to blame for that, with busyness, it is really hard to have time for rest and relaxation. But it is essential though. Not only for our physical health but also for our mental health. 

How is it essential? Scientifically, it is important because rest and relaxation slow our heart rate which means reduced risk for heart problems such as hypertension, stroke, and cardiac arrest. It also clears and calms our mind which will help with our thinking and creativity.

There are many ways to relax. It depends on a person’s personality and how they do it. Here are some ways.

Reading a book

Whether it would be in the bedroom, library, or a coffee shop, reading relaxes the mind. Whether it is fiction or nonfiction, it takes a person to another dimension or place where they forget about the current world.

Watching television shows or movies

Just like reading, watching also tends to take a person to another place if they are into the show or movie.


One of the good ways to relieve our stress is to talk to someone. Whether it’s our friends or family, it is always nice to know that somebody’s listening to you. Add to that, they would also have their own stories that will be entertaining and motivating.


Exercise produces endorphins which help relieve pain. It is not just about heavy workouts, but it also includes walking and yoga. Just do whatever you enjoy.

Spa and sauna

Some people are also willing to spend money on leisure and relaxation. They go to spas to relieve and relax their bodies. Another is sauna which at times a feature at spa houses. A sauna features the benefits of relaxation. It increases circulation, reduces the risk of heart diseases, and relieves stress. Add to that, it also helps weight loss.

No matter what we do and wherever we are, it is important for us to stop for a while and breathe. The world will keep on moving and time will go on and we will not be able to get it back. But even it if that’s the case, no time is wasted for a small break. Even machines need it, what more it is for us humans. So just keep calm and relax, and it will be better.


We All Need Exercise – Even Our Dogs

How many of us have pets? I’m willing to bet it’s a large portion of us. What about dogs specifically? Sure, it’s probably less but I’m quite certain a ton of readers are going to be dog lovers just like me. With all the time we spend with our noses stuffed in comics, watching GOT and playing Xbox, how much time to we really devote to making sure our furry four-legged friends make it outside? Heck, we don’t even make sure that we get outside. Even if we’re making an effort to walk our dogs frequently, let’s face it. They could probably use more exercise just like we could.

I’ll be honest, there have been countless times where I’ve been deeply zoned in on a Mickey Maus, or completely mid-game online playing COD when my dog has wanted to go for a walk. Sometimes I’m good, but sometimes the poor dog just has to wait until I’m ready. I’m not talking long wait times, but she certainly has cried more than a few times before I finally cave in and divert my attention. You don’t have to admit it yourself, but I’m going to go ahead and assume that I’m not the only human being who has been in this situation before.

My boyfriend loves to read up on products online. He goes above and beyond to find the absolute best products for every situation at the best price. It’s one of his hobbies I’d say, even if he doesn’t quite think of it that way. He’s like the Amazon guru. I was in one of these moods the other day, deep in my reading and my poor dog was crying away. Suddenly my boyfriend asked “Can I just walk her?”

“No.” I replied as I always do. She’s my dog and I don’t want her getting too comfortable with anyone else. I want her to think of me as her owner and protector.

“Well, can I just let her outside?” My boyfriend asked.

“Of course not, she’ll run away and get hit by a car.” I replied with a little bit of snip and arrogance in my tone. “I’ll take her out in just a minute.”

“I just feel bad for her.” My boyfriend pleaded.

“Shut up.” I said. But I knew he was right. I put the comic down begrudgingly, got up and took her outside for a walk.

When we got back my boyfriend was showing me some ways that we can get her more exercise while balancing my nerdy habits. He suggested a wireless dog fence, which he had as always found an excellent model at a great price on Amazon. Completely affordable with thousands of excellent customer reviews.

“Will it really work?” I asked.

“Of course it will, just take a look.” He said. I read through the site he showed me, which explained in detail how these systems work. I was skeptical as I always am, but I figured what the hell. For the price I might as well give this thing a try, especially if it makes me feel less guilty for making my dog wait when she wants to go outside.

My boyfriend helped me set it up. I hate to admit it, but he is really helpful. I suppose that’s why I love him. It’s definitely taken a little training, but so far my dog seems to have taken to it well. Plus, if she ever gets a stench from working up a stench, we can always spruce her up with some Eau de Chien. The next step will be to install a doggy door so I won’t even have to get up to let her out. But that’s for another time 🙂


Try Writing A Comic For Your Next Creative Venture

Are you a creative person like me? Personally, I have many creative outlets. I love writing, but I also love drawing or any of the similar activities. Painting is a nice twist on capturing the visual, allowing you to have great control over the textures and the colors that you use to convey your message. I also love making music, and I would have to say that my daily professional work as an engineer is in many ways an art form.

Recently I’ve had some thoughts about writing a comic strip. The great thing about this is that it combines quite a few different forms of art. First, of course, there is the drawing. Comics are mostly visual, so you’ll have to be able to depict a scene that is engaging enough to keep your audience interested.

That said, there is more to a comic than pictures. You have to have a grander vision, or in other words a story. The tricky part is that you have to convey that story in short snapshots, and you have to do so effectively. I think actually if you view it this way it will give you a leg up in your comic writing as opposed to simply starting out drawing with an end game in mind.

When it comes to writing you’ll also have to be creative and on top of your game, consistent with your vision for the story. You only get a sentence or two per frame so you’ll have to make them count when it comes to comics. You’ll need to be witty, potentially funny, but most certainly you’ll have to be to the point. Say your comic has 5 frames for example. You’re going to have to tell a full story in those full frames, with 1-2 sentences per frame. Granted, you can pull an awful lot of weight with the illustrations that accompany the words, but still you have to stay focused. Which leads me to my next thought…

What if you had to tell a story with only five sentences? Could you do it? Of course you could. But instead of wondering if you can do it, why not take the opportunity to actually do it?

I’ll go first.

Tim was hungry. He needed to find a store that sold food. He was near a convenience store. He knew their food was not great, but he also knew that they did have food. He bought a croissant, and as he ate it he became fully satiated.

All right, that story was terrible. But I gave it a shot. The more you write, the more you can write. It’s a muscle that needs exercise just like any other. It’s no different than the muscles you’ll need to write comics. Your first one probably won’t be that great. However, if you make the effort to write five, you’ll probably come up with one that’s not so bad. Write 50 and you’ll certainly come up with something worth while. This is the life of the artist, and hopefully it sounds appealing to you because if it doesn’t you’re probably in the wrong place.