Wild Toon Comic

Wild Toon Comic

Apr 02, 2008 by xtoon

Toon characters are so very cool. The imagination and creativity that goes into creating toon characters is fantastic. It would be amazing to have such skill in developing these characters. I love japanese anime porn too and some pictures and videos I recently saw told some very fascinating stories of all types of toons engaging in some very odd toon sex escapades. There were aliens with huge heads, multiple arms, and long thick cocks that kidnapped unsuspecting toon girls to use them as their sex slaves. Then there were stories of the heroic toons who were sexual pervs running around rescuing damsels in distress only to demand a reward of a good throat pounding and fuck from a superhuman cock. Anything you can think of, there is a cartoonist who will bring your fantasies to life through toon porn.

Perverted cartoonists

Apr 1, 2008 by xtoon

Famous toon characters are interesting too when some of these perverted cartoonists get a hold of them. There are pictures and videos of Snow White having sex with the Seven Dwarfs, sometimes one on one, and sometimes it is one massive orgy of Snow White getting hammered by tiny dwarf pricks. It is rather funny to see all these dwarfs working as a team to please Snow White. Even better when the little guys get so excited that they pound her pussy at the speed of lightening and then all of sudden they all shoot their loads of dwarf baby batter all over her at once. Visit Busty Toons for the best toon characters online!

Toon characters

Mar 28, 2008 by xtoon

Toon sex is absolutely awesome and has become my new fetish. I just love the artwork that goes into creating these characters. Some cartoonists have a really wicked imagination, creating chicks with purple hair, big green eyes, and slender bodies with huge tits. Others create these toons that are not human and they are not aliens, they are hybrids of different sorts. Some of the toons have tentacles like an octopus, others have multiple arms, and some have these huge robotic type cocks that pound these young virgin toon sluts until their tight pussies become gaping canyons.

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